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Water Softeners

Your water is soft, and it looks, tastes and feels better. You’ll have softer skin, silkier hair, and longer-lasting clothes, fixtures and appliances too. Plus, there’s no need for bottled water, so you won’t be creating plastic waste. Every Kinetico system is backed by the most comprehensive warranties around.

Non-Electric energy-saving Kinetico Systems use less salt than other systems.  Kinetico products are an investment in your home, your health, and your lifestyle.  They are an investment that will provide great savings through the years as energy prices rise.

Whether you are assembling a complete whole-house water treatment system or choose from these or other individual elements, Neil will find the perfect solution at the price that works for you.

Neil’ hours are flexible. He will gladly work around your schedule. Contact him today to arrange a no-obligation meeting at your convenience for a free water analysis or to find an affordable, effective strategy to bring your water’s quality to your standards.

How A Water Softener Works

Free Water Analysis And Consultation

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We are finding big savings in time and money with our new KINETICO Water System in our cafe in Missouri Valley.

We are thrilled with the results of all 3 of the KINETICO Water Conditioning Systems that Neil installed for us. One in the Woodbine Blue Lake Car Wash, one in our own home and one in our rental property.

We very pleased with our Kinetico Water System that Neil installed at the Odebolt Nursing and Rehab Center. Neil installed a system in our Atlantic facility 10 years ago & has never required any maintenance.